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Atlantic Carbon Group Plc is a UK based anthracite mining and processing company with its operational HQ at Stockton Mine, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, USA. We are the leading US producer of high quality anthracite coal. Our focus of operations is on the North East Pennsylvanian Anthracite Coalfield, where we operate the Stockton, Hazleton Shaft and Jeansville Mines together with three anthracite processing plants.

The company has become an established opencast producer of anthracite in the region, and with the acquisition of Hazleton Shaft Corporation in June 2016 became the largest anthracite miner in the US. It operates Stockton Mine through its wholly owned subsidiary, Coal Contractors Inc., and the Jeansville and Hazleton Shaft Mines through its wholly owned subsidiary, Hazleton Shaft Corporation.

The company has a highly experienced Board and an Anglo-American management team, whose combined expertise and knowledge are being carefully used to build on our profile in a carefully chosen area. The North East Pennsylvanian Coalfield benefits from well-documented reserves, an established local infrastructure designed around the anthracite industry, and the key thing which sets us apart from many other overseas natural resources investment opportunities – political stability. The UK and US also have long established business relationships which support our operations and expansion. We also have two other mine properties in the area; Beaver Brook which contains unquantified reserves of anthracite and Sandy Run which is worked by a contractor to supply anthracite silt to the Hazleton Shaft processing plant.

The Board are involved in on-going research and negotiations regarding the acquisition of additional sites and collaboration with other anthracite producers through merger or joint venture. The coalfield is well-documented, conveniently located for exports, has an established local infrastructure designed around the anthracite production industry, and yields high quality product. However, it also holds one major benefit over other overseas natural resources investment opportunities – it is located in a politically stable environment, with close, long-established business relationships between the UK and the US. This stability goes a long way to ensuring the profitability and sustainability of our operations in Pennsylvania, unlike similar ventures in Ukraine for example.