Board Board/Management Team

Atlantic Carbon Group is aiming to become the leading US producer of high quality anthracite coal, through a basic three-prong strategy of:

  • Increasing profitability at Stockton by increasing production and improving operational efficiency.
  • Acquisition and/or joint venture activity within the North Eastern Pennsylvanian anthracite coalfields.
  • Developing export markets.

We have a highly experienced management team with an unrivalled in-depth knowledge of the Pennsylvanian anthracite industry. The international team also brings new perspectives to the industry, which allows for innovative working practise to be put into place at Stockton Mine improving production and operational efficiency. A recent example of this is the redesign of blasting methods which has already cut costs by 45%, and the reduction of mine strip ratios by 25% – a critical factor in achieving cost reductions. Such improvements increase profitability, allowing Stockton Mine to be used as leverage in acquiring other mines, and proven working practises can be put into place at new sites.

Excellent working relationships have been established with other leading regional producers and contractors, to enable the Board to focus on their aim of increasing the Company’s resource base in the area through acquisition and/or joint venture activity.

The Company has also identified excellent opportunities in the export market thanks to growing international demand for a product which is relatively scarce and highly versatile, with the advantage of international competitors being based in regions such as the Ukraine which are not politically stable.  Whilst developing the export markets for US anthracite, the Board is hoping to capitalise on this demand and so push forward with their programme of expansion.